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BeHome verwaltet Tablets mit Cortado MDM

With Cortado MDM, BeHome helps seniors keep in touch with their families during the corona crisis.

BeHome offers innovative solutions for age-appropriate living with technical assistance systems and a comprehensive range of services.

Customers of the company include for example health insurance companies, clubs or medical associations. BeHome develops concepts for these groups to show how technology can help their customers, tending to be older people, to lead a self-determined and safe life.

Sensors for detecting emergency situations, such as a fall, are just as much a part of the company’s portfolio as the use of telemedicine or integrating service providers. There are almost no limits when it comes to the sensible use of technology.

At some point it became clear for the company: “We want to send various mobile devices to end customers. And they have to be managed,” reported Till Wolschina, project manager for end devices at Better@Home Service. In search of a suitable Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, BeHome found what they were looking for with Cortado MDM. “We wanted to act quickly and easily,” said Till Wolschina. “Cortado’s cloud solution is ideal for this.”

A pilot project with one of the largest German health insurance companies was initiated. In a care facility in Dresden, Germany, Android tablets are now in use, managed by Cortado MDM. The decisive factor here was to enable the elderly, a high-risk group for COVID-19, to have contact with relatives, such as grandchildren, during the crisis.

To enable communication to continue among relatives, Cortado MDM distributes standard apps such as contacts, a messenger, apps for SMS and MMS, a gallery app, WhatsApp, a calendar, but also games such as Sudoku or Solitaire.

It’s important that everything is easy to read and recognizable for older users, some of whom no longer have full visual ability. According to Till Wolschina, a mobile phone with a small display is out of the question here.

At present, he and his colleagues are still carrying out the integration and setup manually. However, there is potential for optimization: “The automatic integration of the devices with the help of Cortado’s Zero Touch feature is an optimal addition for saving time in the future, this will definitely be a topic in the coming months.”

At the moment, BeHome is still at the very beginning when it comes to MDM and the use of tablets. But further ideas and projects, which go far beyond the use for communication, are being looked at.

The integration of sensors or the smart home: All this and more is already in the test phase. For example, relatives can receive a message that the front door has been open for several hours or that no one has moved in an apartment over a certain period of time.

Such supportive use cases are just as much a topic as absolute emergencies. For example, when a patient presses the emergency button and calls an ambulance. But also, the use of the tablet for telemedicine in combination with the electronic patient file or an e-prescription will be a future application.

Till Wolschina: “We’re satisfied with the Cortado solution. It does what it’s supposed to do, is an integral part of our overall solution and helps us to help our users in times of isolation and the increasing importance of personal health.”

About Better@Home Service

BeHome was founded to give relatives of seniors peace of mind when it comes to the care of their loved ones. With more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare, IT and real estate industries, they  offer solutions that users and their relatives can trust.

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