Tax and Auditing Company Relies on Secure, Stable Mobile Device Management

MDM for Tax Consultants - Case Study

Case Study: BANSBACH

The Mission: 

Mobile working has long been a reality at BANSBACH, an auditing and tax consulting company based in Germany. A few years back, the IT department provided key staff with BlackBerry smartphones that were managed through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Managers were able to receive important e-mails which were pushed to the BlackBerry devices. Around 2014, the company then switched to iPhones, which were still being managed via the BES 12 by means of a BlackBerry app for iPhones.

However, unfortunately for the employees and also the IT department, complaints started to accumulate. The e-mail and contact synchronization was highly unstable. Further dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that it wasn’t possible to use the iOS native email app. It quickly became clear that a new, secure and stable solution had to be found. This had to be above all secure, especially when it came to documents containing particularly sensitive information and their resulting strict data protection guidelines.

The Solution: 

The IT department looked for an alternative and evaluated various solutions, including the EMM solution from Cortado Mobile Solutions. BANSBACH was already familiar with Cortado Mobile Solutions’ sister company, ThinPrint and its print solution and employees. It was a clear choice then that they would take a closer look at the enterprise mobility solution from Berlin. And they liked what they saw.

The solution has all the MDM features that we need to securely integrate the devices,” said Patrick Lenz, the manager responsible for IT at BANSBACH. The file access and mobile printing features were additional highlights.

While employees are still requesting required documents from the office, reports Patrick Lenz, if things need to be done fast, or if the office administration team is busy, they just access the documents with their iPhone or iPad. Mobile printing has not been required yet, but if necessary, it can be easily rolled out with the solution. Additional enhancements requested to secure the profiles were promptly implemented by the Cortado development department within the framework of a customizing project, and the testing phase, according to Patrick Lenz, was completed quickly.

For BANSBACH, the close geographically proximity to Cortado Mobile Solutions as well as their customer-oriented approach were viewed positively. Even though English is no problem, when things start to get more complex, as in a customizing project or in case of support requests, having the option to also communicate in German made things simpler.

Patrick Lenz added: Cortado dealt with our wishes. Our contacts there are reliable and our calls don’t land in a call center.

More than 100 BANSBACH employees now work with iPhones and iPads, which are provided by the company, but are also used privately. Employees are free to use any apps they want. The Cortado solution combined with the iOS operating system ensures that no connection to companyrelevant apps and data can be established from the private area on the devices. Patrick Lenz concluded by saying

The response of employees is very good. Every thing has been working as it should since the introduction of Cortado’s solution. The support effort has been reduced and the general feeling in relation to mobile work with iPhones and iPads is now very positive.


  • Industry: Tax Consulting, Auditing & Accounting
  • Solution: Cortado MDM
  • Hardware: iPads, iPhones

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