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Mobile Device Management
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Cortado MDM is designed to meet your mobile device management needs with just a few clicks. Quickly establish device management, distribute and manage apps, while ensuring security for corporate data. Whether Android, iOS or macOS – our solution perfectly adapts to the requirements of each device platform.

Cortado MDM Control Panel

1. Enroll Devices

Add Devices Quickly & Easily

Just log in to your central MDM console. The clear and user-friendly interface makes adding, configuring and managing your mobile devices fleet really easy.

Setup & Assign MDM Profiles

Assign policies, certificates and apps easily and push MDM profiles over-the-air to the device. You can even speed up enrollment by using Apple Business Manager or Android zero-touch enrollment.

Push E-mail, Wi-Fi & VPN Settings

Enable key features for employees working on the go. Use the MDM console to define corporate email, Wi-Fi and VPN settings for individual users, groups or the entire enterprise. All settings are delivered over-the-air to the devices.


2. Deploy Apps

Select & Manage Any App

Leverage the proven management capabilities of each operating system. Cortado MDM allows you to easily deploy any app without prior adjustments or additional management layers.

Push Apps Over-The-Air

Manage app permissions and configurations centrally. All mandatory apps are deployed and automatically installed on the assigned devices. This of course also works when deleting apps.

Set Up an Enterprise App Store

Empower users by letting them install trusted apps themselves. Simply add recommended apps to your own enterprise app store which is available to the user via the self-service portal.

App Deployment & Management

Locked screen on iPad

3. Ensure Data Security

Define Passcode Requirements & Force Encryption

A sophisticated password system ensures security even if passwords are entered in public spaces or during offline mode. Additionally, encryption of corporate assets on the device can be forced.

Set Up Restrictions, e.g. for Camera Use

Use policies to define permissions, such as for the use of the camera, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. You can also restrict the download of attachments, access to app stores, and much more.

Lock, Locate & Wipe Devices Remotely

If a user loses a device, just remotely lock the screen to prevent unauthorized access. An option to locate the device is also at hand. In addition, data on the device can be remotely wiped – either fully or partially for just the business data only.

Get a list of all features of Cortado MDM,

including a breakdown for the different operating systems.


Why Choose Us?

Top 10 Reasons for Cortado MDM

Simple MDM for iOS & Android

Using a mix of a iPhones, iPads or Android devices is no problem. Remote management is really easy. By using the native management capabilities, Cortado MDM allows you to fully leverage the MDM potential of each OS.

Quick Start

Simply sign up and get started. Your central MDM console will be automatically set up and is available within a few minutes after your registration.

Policies for BYOD, COBO & Co.

Whether for BYOD, CYOD, COBO, COPE or kiosk devices, you always keep the freedom of choice! Easily create and force corporate policies for each type of device according to your mobile strategy.

Separation of Business & Private Data

If you deploy an app, it becomes part of the secure business container and may only exchange data with other managed applications. This keeps business data strictly separate from private data and under control.

Easy User Management

Group templates allow you to configure and manage MDM settings, policies, profiles and apps for entire user groups. Users can be imported from the Windows Active Directory or added manually.

No Update Conflicts

Thanks to our native MDM approach, the compatibility of operating systems and app versions is ensured by Apple and Google. This makes update conflicts a thing of the past.

Android Zero-Touch Support

Cortado is a certified Android zero-touch EMM partner. Our solution fully supports Android zero-touch enrollment, providing an easy, quick and secure way to set up and deploy Android-based enterprise devices.

Apple Business Manager Support

Seamless Apple Business Manager integration makes it easy to enroll iOS / Mac devices, manage assigned roles to users and purchase or deploy apps and books.

GDPR-Compliant Data Protection

Ensure protection of personal data. Cortado MDM offers all the tools you need to operate smartphones and tablets in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Dedicated Support

Our knowledge base offers clear step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use Cortado MDM. Should you need further assistance, then our team will be glad to help.

“Cortado MDM is highly intuitive to use.

The setup was really easy.”

IT Manager at LZ, a regional newspaper in Germany

“Just physically deleting forbidden apps

would result in costs higher than the license.”

Mirko Schäfer, Team Leader Infrastructure Management at GNH, provider of healthcare services

“The solution has all the MDM features that we need

to securely integrate the devices.”

Patrick Lenz, IT Manager at BANSBACH, Tax & Auditing Consulting


Scale As You Grow

Cortado MDM is available as a monthly subscription and charged per device. Our price scale provides volume discounts for increasing numbers of devices.

Cortado MDM Pricing - Monthly Subscription
All prices in the price list are net and exclude the statutory VAT applicable at the time.


Just Sign Up & Get Started!

✓ Sign up and try for free for 14 days
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✓ Automatic expiration after test phase

Feature Matrix

Get an overview of the complete feature set of Cortado MDM, including a breakdown for the different mobile operating systems.


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Guides & Manuals

Our manuals and how-to guides provide step-by-step instructions for getting started, configuring and using Cortado MDM.