App Wrapping and SDKs


Five disadvantages to Be Aware Of

Vast improvements in the support, usability, performance and user-friendliness of app containerization means companies specialized in app wrapping are rapidly disappearing.

iOS, Android and other operating systems started the trend by introducing their own native mobile application management (MAM) features. The AppConfig Community has also been at the forefront of the campaign to reduce the need for app wrapping and to push native app management. Supported by Cortado Mobile Solutions and other big names like MobileIron and VMware, the network continues to drive for the popular approach.

That being said, app wrapping is still an option and, in some enterprises, it is still being used.

That’s why its still important to make the case for native app management and to show the drawbacks with SDKs and app wrapping strategies.

This white paper highlights five key disadvantages you should be aware of. It covers:

• How app wrapping is being made obsolete by changing industry trends and MAM solutions, like Cortado MDM
• The difference between using SDKs and application wrapping and problems associated with both
• The advantages of native app management

This white paper is free to download below.

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