Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

Whether for sharing with external providers, in business negotiations or project work with partner companies – the virtual data rooms from Cortado provide the ideal solution. Completely on-premises, Cortado’s VDR give participants easy access to shared data rooms while ensuring highest levels of data security.

Cortado's VDR interface on PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone

Effective Collaboration & File Sharing for Enterprises

  • Completely on-premises: The data is stored behind the company’s firewall
  • Easy setup of data rooms within a few minutes
  • The project owner creates project folders and invites the participants
  • Secure, convenient web access for externals via the Sharing Center
  • Project owner manages the rights for View, Upload, Download, etc.
  • Perfect overview for all involved thanks to transparent file versioning
  • Extensive print support completes the professional work with files
  • Comprehensive auditing options provide full trackability of all actions
  • Compliance: Internal data protection rules can be extended to the collaboration with externals
Secure Virtual Data Rooms


  • Cortado’s VDR solution doesn’t share files with externals over the cloud, but instead through a separate server behind the company’s firewall.
  • Employees open secure data rooms in no time, which are accessible to the participants only after their invitation and registration.
  • All actions can be fully tracked with comprehensive auditing.
Easy-to-use Virtual Data Rooms


  • Internal employees use the Cortado app to securely access both their data rooms and the corporate file server – without cumbersome switching between different applications.
  • Externals conveniently access shared directories through the Sharing Center via the web browser.
  • If files are edited, the Cortado technology provides fully trackable versioning.
Productive Virtual Data Rooms


  • File access and sharing is just the beginning. Cortado’s virtual data rooms are part of the EMM solution Cortado Server.
  • Through the integrated app management, applications like Microsoft Office or the email app can be embedded in a secure business container.
  • Employees can use all relevant applications while the company retains control over the data.

Give It A Try!

The virtual data rooms are part of our enterprise mobility management solution Cortado Server.
Download the software and use it for 30 days for free and with full functionality.