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  Cortado logo ThinPrint logo  
Cortados Cloud Printing Alliance enables true mobile cloud printing. Devices from Cloud Printing Alliance members are certified as ‘Cortado Cloud Printing Ready.’ Cortado logo ThinPrint - A Brand of Cortado 

ThinPrint - Cortados Printing Technology


ThinPrint - Cortado's Printing Technology 


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Management Board Cortado AG: Carsten Mickeleit (CEO), Charlotte Künzell (CIO), Bernd Trappe (CTO) and Sven Huschke (CFO) 


Managing Directors ThinPrint: Frank Hoffmann  (CFO), Charlotte Künzell (CEO), Bernd Trappe (CTO) and Thorsten Hesse (CPO).


Managing Directors Cortado Mobile Solutions: Armin Lungwitz (CIO), Kristin Montag (CPO), Mathias Pröhl (CTO), Sven Huschke (CFO),




Managing Directors Teamplace: Sebastian Hauser (CMO), Ole Raack (CEO), Benjamin Schüler (CTO), Karsten Contantin (CIO) and
Carsten Mickeleit (CFO).


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Cortado Corporate Server

Cortado Corporate Server 7.2        

Cortado Corporate Server 


iOS 8.1 closes a security loophole with app extensions that were able to bypass the secure business container.


Already today , and with iOS 8 extensions support even more convenient: Cortado Corporate Server enables easy editing of files and secure saving back to the corporate file system.


Companies significantly underestimating their mobile printing potential


Fast Enrollment Cortado Corporate Server   Flexible iOS printing with Cortado   SharePoint integration   Smart Sharing  

Fast Enrollment: integration of mobile devices into the IT environment via QR codes


Flexible iOS printing for all scenarios


Microsoft SharePoint can be used just like a network drive


Smart Sharing: Cortado Corporate Server enables data-friendly file sharing


Management Console Cortado Corporate Server 7   Cortado Corporate Server 6.1 with iOS     Cortado Corporate Server offers administration per Windows PowerShell  

Defining managed apps with the Management Console of Cortado Corporate Server


Cortado Corporate Server enables implementation of a secure enterprise mobility strategy with iOS devices. Cortado is also releasing a version for iOS 7 that perfectly complements the Apple OS.


Cortado Corporate Server ensures the iPad remains secure.


Cortado Corporate Server offers administration per Windows PowerShell



Cortado answers the BYOD challenge


With the HTML5 client of the Cortado Corporate Server almost
all browser-enabled devices can be integrated into IT.


Cortado Corporate Server allows cross-platform integration of iPhone BlackBerry® Android smartphones into corporate IT.


Cortado Corporate Server integrates iPads into corporate IT.


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 ThinPrint Print server consolidation

 ThinPrint Print Cloud Printer and Amazon WorkSpaces

ThinPrint Cloud Printer - an easy-to-use cloud printing solution for Mac computers  ThinShare technology eliminates branch office print servers ThinPrint Cloud Printer allows Amazon WorkSpace customers to print



 Costs of printing

 picture saving printing costs

 Juggling with printers
ThinShare technology compresses all print jobs Keep the overview of printing costs
with ThinPrint
 Save money with virtual printing

 Juggling with printer models from different manufacturers will be very easy with virtual printer drivers

  Thinprint Cloud Printer

 Cloud Printing


ThinPrint Cloud Printer: Printing from the cloud ThinPrint Cloud Printer: cloud printing for all apps, printers and device platforms 
ThinPrint Cloud Printer. a new dimension of cloud printing

 ThinPrint Cloud Printer: Get Your Printer Connected. 


  SSL encryption
 Printer puzzle

ThinPrint Print-to-ePaper: Documents are made available as a PDF locally on iPads or Android devices and can later be read offline. Print securely: SSL encryption of print jobs with ThinPrint 
Crucial component improves printing: ThinPrint solutions
 ThinPrint virtualizes printing 


Cortado Workplace web app/HTML 5 client
   Secure Net for corporate intranet access   Public Sharing with Cortado Workplace   Cortado Workplace 7 for iPhone and iPad 
 The Cortado Workplace web app offers more than just cloud storage    Secure Net enables companies to provide their mobile employees with secure access to apps and content on an intranet.   With Cortado Workplace users can choose  between higly secure or especially easy file sharing.  Cortado Workplace enables files to be easily transferred between computers and iPhones or iPads, without cables and iTunes 
Cortado Workplace 7
 Cortado Workplace 7 for iOS 7  Cortado Workplace transforms the iPad into a fully functional workplace.  App for business users: Cortado Workplace for iPhone and iPad.    Cortado Workplace is 
available on the "Samsung
Apps" store
 Screenshot ThinPrint .print V-Layer   
Cortado Workplace combines cloud printing functions with free online storage: Users can access stored documents via the file manager application and use optionally their BlackBerry smartphone or a PC.  Cortado SMS2Desk is a seamless solution which converts text messages to e-mail for easy, user-friendly communication. Cortado Flight Mode makes flying with BlackBerry smartphones more comfortable and productive.  

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Technical graphics


  Cortado Cloud Printing  
Native App Container  With the  HTML5 client, users of PCs, Macs and otherweb-enabled devices can now, in addition to iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users, be integrated into IT.  Cortado's cloud printing solution enables printing with any printer connected with the mobile device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 
Cortado Workplace provides smartphone users with free cloud printing functions, online services and desktop functionalities. 

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Additional picture material


Mobile authentication at the printer   Unidirectional synchronization        

Smartphone authentication at a printer with Personal Printing


Unidirectional synchronization using the example of Auto Upload and Auto Download with Cortado Corporate Server


With the HTML5 client users can take advantage of the Cortado Workplace features with any device from any location



Cloud printing becomes a reality with Cortado. Print documents to virtually any printer from an iPad, regardless of printer manufacturer or document format, and without even resorting to a computer.


Cortado Workplace transformed into a central document hub.


Cloud printing: the final piece to every cloud computing strategy



Product Boxes


ThinPrint Engine 10
 Cortado Corporate Server 7.2  Personal Printing   ThinPrint RDP Engine 
ThinPrint Engine 10 Cortado Corporate Server 7.2 Personal Printing 3.0  ThinPrint RDP Engine 


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