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Data Protection Thanks to Mobile Device Management

RMD Wasserstraßen GmbH uses Cortado Server for data-protection compliant administration of its employees’ iPhones

The 130 highly-qualified employees of RMD Wasserstraßen have concentrated on waterway construction and flood protection and have made the company one of Europe’s leading companies in these field. Cortado Server takes care of the data protection-compliant administration of the employees´ iPhones.

MDM for Construction Company - Case Study

Construction Company Benefits from Functional Mobile Device Management

Case Study: Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH

Christmann & Pfeifer Construction is an international active group of companies focusing on the world of construction. They were searching for a new enterprise solution, which would allow staff at construction sites or when visiting customers to access technical drawings and contract documents with their iPads.

MDM for US Reals Estate Company - Case Study

Secure Remote Access for US Real Estate

Case Study: Wilson Meany

Wilson Meany, with its headquarters in San Francisco, was facing the task of giving remote access to their employees without disregarding the company’s security requirements. Cortado Server provides maximum security on the device as well as during data transfer. Employees are fully informed for costumer meetings and work productively anywhere and at any time.