Finance & Insurance

MDM for Municipal Insurance Company

Secure Mobile File Access for Municipal Insurance Company

Case Study: KSA & OKV

The KSA and OKV were looking for an enterprise mobility solution to improve the productivity of their employees who also partly work when mobile. It was important above all to enable access to the file system and the intranet. Of course, the mobile devices should also be secure and easy to manage.

MDM for Financial Services Company - Case Study

Secure Access on Every Smart Device for Polish Financial Service

Case Study: SKOK Wesola

SKOK Wesola offers customers in over 70 branches in Poland a wide range of financial services. Smartphones and tablets belonging to employees in management, sales and IT needed to be easily and securely integrated into the existing IT infrastructure with various mobile operating systems and high data security standards.

Bank of Córdoba Saves Costs with Simplified IT Administration

Bank of Córdoba Saves Costs with Simplified IT Administration

Case Study: Banco de Córdoba S.A.

The financial service searched for a mobile solution which enabled sales representatives to access the corporate network quickly and easily while on the go, in particular via smartphones. Cortado Server offers more than just device management: tablets, smartphones und laptops fit seamlessly into the existing IT landscape and supply all required functionalities for communications performance.