Health & Pharmacy

Patientensprechstunde per Video-Konferenz

Consulting Patients via Video

Case Study: Landshut District Hospital

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Landshut District Hospital has been offering video consulting on Android tablets managed by Cortado MDM.

Eingangsbereich des Klinikum Kassel - Gesundheit Nordhessen

Care for the Clinic App

Case Study: GNH

Typical hospital work is increasingly being carried out on smartphones and tablets. With the Cortado solution, GNH – Gesundheit Nordhessen (a provider of healthcare services in Germany’s Northern Hesse region) retains control of its mobile applications and devices.

Hospital Employees Become Independent from Local Workspaces

Hospital Employees Become Independent from Local Workspaces

Case Study: Zulekha Hospital L.L.C.

Hospital staff accessing the corporate network were bound to offices or using a connection via Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix. Faxing and printing were only possible from the office via the local network. Cortado’s cloud desktop features for mobile editing turns any smart device into a mobile workplace. In addition Cortado Server achieves significant reductions in the costs of IT administration.

Case Study | Medical Engineering Improves Productive Efficiency

Medical Engineering Improves Productive Efficiency

Case Study: Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.

IMS is a surgical instrument management and clinical consulting company specializing in repair management, sterile process management, tracking, and other services related to surgical and endoscopic devices and instruments. They were looking for a solution to improve the productivity of their employees when visiting customers.