How Mobility is Changing Healthcare

The use of fitness and health apps is becoming more and more common. There's a huge potential for savings and at the same time interesting opportunities to improve processes in healthcare and in the development of e-health. Get an overview in this infographic of how mobility is changing healthcare systems.

Mobile printing with Android Print

Find out in this infographic how easy it is to print flexibly from your Android device to network printers in your own office or wireless printers when visiting partners and customers.

Mobile printing with iPhones and iPads

Discover in this infographic how easy it is to print directly from your iOS devices to network printers in your office or Wi-Fi printers when on the go, for example at partners and customers.

Use of the new iOS 9 Mail App in a Secure Container

E-Mail is one of the most important means of business communication. If iOS is used in the business then the e-mail app must find the perfect balance between security, convenience and functionality. According to a study, iOS users prefer working with Apple's native mail app. With iOS 9, it evolves to the next level with many new business features. See in this infographic, why it is worth using the Apple Mail app in a secure container.