Secure File Access with Cortado MDM Solutions

Cortado Server makes mobile work really easy and productive. Employees get connected to all network drives, e-mail systems, databases and network printers. They can quickly print from any app to any network or Wi-Fi printer.

Roll out Apps with Android For Work

In the Android for Work Play Store not all apps are available as usual, they are managed and approved by the IT admin. In this video we'll show you how to roll out apps with Android for Work.

Smooth Enterprise Mobility Workflow with Cortado Server

With Enterprise Mobility, you give employees more freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. The goal is to increase the productivity. This includes a solution that works on any device, either with HTML5 web apps or native apps. This use case video shows you a smooth workflow which incorporates new working environments like your home, the use of different devices like smartphones, tablets, PC or Laptop.

We Design Enterprise Mobility Management

Cortado follows the philosophy that working natively delivers the highest levels of user acceptance. That’s why this enterprise mobility solution fully supports native app management and instead of focusing on separate storage when it comes to file sharing, enables a direct connection to the corporate network. The result is a significant increase in productivity for mobile employees, improved collaboration among teams as well as convenient management for the IT management.

Fast Enrollment of Mobile Devices

Quickly and easily integrate mobile devices into the IT environment via QR codes

With the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Server 7.2, IT departments integrate mobile devices with just a few clicks into the corporate IT environment - without requiring user interaction. Find out more about that feature in this video.