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Introducing a Successful BYOD or COPE Strategy

We Share Our Experiences

Introducing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a great way for organizations to respond to the growing necessity of mobile and remote working. In this free document, we share our experiences on what separates a successful device management scheme with high employee uptake, from poorly planned schemes which fail or are unnecessarily restrictive.

Apple User Enrollment for BYOD

Thanks to User Enrollment, companies have a new way to integrate BYOD mobile devices. In this white paper you will learn more about which policies, commands and profile settings IT admins can implement with User Enrollment and which management options will no longer be possible for Apple BYOD in the future.

Download White Paper: MDM für Einsteiger

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Device Management

White Paper

This white paper is aimed at newcomers to the topic of MDM and is intended to advise those who are considering introducing a Mobile Device Management system in their company. IT managers can see how they can ensure security, transparency and control with MDM when smartphones and tablets are being used in the company. The white paper also aims to defuse concerns related to the implementation of MDM itself. In doing so we hope to demonstrate not only how uncomplicated MDM systems are but also the great range of advantages that it brings.

How to work securely and productively with Microsoft Office on iPhone and iPad

Though Microsoft Office Mobile is one of the most popular apps for iPhone and iPad, to date it has not been able to be used intelligently in a corporate context. The current update for Microsoft Office Mobile has radically changed this situation. The Microsoft apps can now be effortlessly integrated into a business container since Microsoft has integrated the interfaces that enable users to open files from within the apps to other apps. The business container can also be protected by means of a VPN.

The Apple Device Enrollment Program

Integrate iOS devices into your company‘s IT

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) offers the opportunity for you to quickly and easily integrate iOS devices into the business IT. With DEP, and providing an EMM solution is used, iOS devices can now be brought into service and configured in just a few steps. Administrators are now able to configure the devices without having to actually set hands on them. In this document you will discover how the Cortado Server EMM solution can be used with DEP to integrate company-owned iOS devices into your IT landscape.

Android for Work: Integrate Android Devices into Your Enterprise IT

With Android for Work, you can securely enroll and manage Android devices in your enterprise based on the native OS functions. This white paper describes the difference between profile-based and complete device management and the corresponding use cases. In the second part, you will learn how to optimally exploit the potential of Android for Work (or Android Enterprise) with Cortado's mobile device management solutions.

How To Set Up A Secure iOS Business Container

Read our free guide on how you get the most out of Apple’s business features for iOS devices in your organization.

To securely manage and control business data on an iPhone or iPad, it is recommended to set up a secure business container. The use of managed apps and domains ensures that sensitive corporate data remains within the business container. In addition, the data stream is protected by connecting to a Per App VPN. In this white paper, you will learn how to build a secure native business container in just a few steps.

Whitepaper-Android App Management

Mobile Application Management (MAM) for Android

How to Guarantee Security and Productivity for Android Devices in Business Use

Personal and business data should always be separated on smartphones and tablets, as mobile working with unmanaged apps results in a high security risk to companies. This resource shows you how Android devices are being transformed into secure and productive work tools with the help of MAM – mobile application management.

Active Directory-based managing of groups of mobile users

Maintain an overview – lower administration effort – increase security

The integration of mobile devices into the corporate structure takes time, especially in companies with large numbers of mobile employees. IT experts increasingly rely on comprehensive group management that efficiently and effectively assigns existing user groups the relevant rights, applications and resources. The best option to do so is to choose an enterprise mobility management solution based on Active Directory. This is because Active Directory already exists in virtually every company and the rights of all users within their groups are already defined. However, not all enterprise mobility management solutions offer convenient management of mobile devices. One example though for efficient and easy management of user groups, that meets all requirements for security and ease of use, is Cortado Server.

Mobile Printing Made Easy

Even though the use of smartphones and tablets has made carrying documents largely superfluous, there remains, especially out on the road, the frequent need to print out documents from mobile devices. For this reason, mobile printing forms a key component of Cortado Server. Whether applied to iOS, Android or Windows Phone, our solution offers a variety of flexible printing options. Download the white paper now and give it a try.

VPN with iOS

Which type of virtual private network is best for you?

VPN is the most viable and secure solution for data communication today, for both companies and end users. With the use of smartphones and tablets in the corporate world, standard VPN solutions are often not sufficient. Depending on the usage, security, and compliance requirements of the company, more VPN models are required. That's why Apple, especially since iOS 8, offers a broad range of VPN settings. Discover in this white paper more about the various VPNs and how to combine them with iPhones and iPads.

Bring your Own Device: A Concept with ROI Potential

If privately-owned devices are already in use in your company or you are considering the introduction of BYOD, many new questions have to be answered: Which departments and employees are suitable for participation, which devices are being used and how sensitive is the data, employees are dealing with. This paper gives a comprehensive overview and helpful tips so that you can easily implement a successful BYOD strategy.

Mobile Device Management with Windows PowerShell

With Windows PowerShell, time-consuming routine processes for mobile device management (MDM) can be automated and improved. This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of the main Windows PowerShell commands supported by Cortado Server. Gain valuable time with the right combination of PowerShell possibilities. Download this white paper now to get started right away.

Fast Enrollment

Easy Configuration and Rollout of iPhone, iPad & Android Devices

Administrators far too often invest their valuable time in setting up mobile devices. This is a complex process with potential for error, a process however which can be completed in a far easier and more cost-effective manner. In this white paper, read how in just 3 simple steps you can integrate a large number of mobile devices into your IT infrastructure.

White Paper: iOS App Management

iOS App Management

Security and productivity for the mobile device – iOS and native app management

Mobile working with unmanaged apps results in a high security risk for businesses and sensitive data. Therefore, private and professional data as well as apps on smartphones and tablets should be separated from each other. iOS offers extensive app management at the system level. We will show you how to turn iPhones and iPads instantly into secure and productive working tools. Build easily a secure business container with our easy-to-follow guide and fully manage any native app.

On-Premises File Sharing

Optimal Security for Enterprise Data in a Private Cloud

The use of cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive is increasing and not just for private use but also within companies. While many file sharing solutions are useful for private users, the majority are not suitable in a business context. This white paper outlines the possibilities and benefits of on-premises file sharing.

App Wrapping and SDKs

Five disadvantages to Be Aware Of

Although some providers are still operating, the number of app wrapping vendors has dwindled over the last 10 years. Read here why more efficient and secure alternatives based on native app management are now the MDM industry standard.

Six Pieces to Complete the Healthcare IT Puzzle

An increasing mix of mobile devices, platforms, stringent guidelines, as well as the non-office setting all pose significant challenges for healthcare IT professionals. Six essential steps are required in order to create a secure, yet flexible environment. They are fully outlined in this white paper. Areas covered include administrative, technical and physical safeguards, Bring Your Own Device, the post-PC era, mobile device management and secure printing.