Solve All Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Challenges With Just One Solution

Enterprise Mobility: Enterprise File Sharing and Virtual Data Rooms

Enterprise File Sharing and Virtual Data Rooms

Secure sharing of documents forms the basis of many mobile business processes. Cortado Corporate Server is the leader in this area with its focus on productivity. The on-premises solution enables internal employees easy, secure file access and exchange – with any of their devices. When collaborating with external colleagues, virtual data rooms are available – fully secure behind the corporate firewall.

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Cortado Corporate Server is characterized by its sleek and productive approach to MDM. Mobile devices are easily managed and become highly productive. This is due to three essential elements: Integration into the existing Active Directory, support of Android and iOS, and an HTLM5-based management interface which makes administration so easy, even in the largest environments.

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Native Mobile Application Management (MAM)

From the beginning, Cortado Corporate Server has focused on the native management capabilities of the mobile operating systems. No other EMM solution is as easy and fast when deploying any app to employees’ devices. The basis for the native application management is formed by Apple’s iOS, Android for Work as well as Samsung Knox.

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing Made Easy

Cortado Corporate Server provides comprehensive printing support for Android and iOS. No matter which app, which printer or at which location – Cortado Corporate Server has the right print option for every situation. Print from any app to any network printer or use on-the-fly Wi-Fi Printing.

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Security

Mobile Security & Control

Cortado Corporate Server is based on a three-tier security concept. The solution offers maximum levels of security on the device, during data transmission and when accessing the backend. Supplemented by a sophisticated password system and extensive auditing, the solution meets the highest security and compliance requirements

Multitenancy: Simple, secure EMM for service providers and enterprises


Whether for service providers or IT departments – Multitenancy makes managing devices and apps even easier and more secure. Instead of setting up a dedicated server for every customer, every location or every subsidiary, user groups can be managed as tenants via a central Cortado Server.

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